Wrocław, Poland

Executive MBA

Language: English Studies in English
University website: uew.pl/en

The four-semester, part-time Executive MBA Programme first commenced in 1993 offering executive management general training to mid- and senior-level mana­gers of Polish and foreign organi­zations and companies operating mainly in Southwest Poland.

Two years later an international option of the Executive MBA Programme has been  launched as a joint Tempus pro­ject of the following European univer­sities:

  • Limburgs Universitair Centrum (Belgium),
  • Groupe Enseignement International des Affaires Marseille (France),
  • University of Limerick (Ireland),
  • Fachhochschule Aachen (Germany),
  • Wroclaw University of Economics (Poland).

Aims and Objectives

The overall aim of the Executive MBA Programme is to provide managers and executives with an integrated vision of  an organization in a competitive economy and to deliver knowledge and skills required to recognize and approach business decision problems, and to solve them in a changing environment.

Specific objectives are:

  • to provide participants with solid theoretical fundamentals of the main business activities such as: marketing, production, finance, accounting, personnel management, business policy;
  • to help participants understand business environment and the way it functions;
  • to develop team work, communication and leadership skills;
  • to provide participants with analytical, planning and operational skills appli­cable in complex practical situations;
  • to develop abilities to conceptualize quickly and genuinely  decision problems and to evaluate properly immediate and indirect results of decisions;
  • to acquire a habit of ongoing learning and using modern research methods and software tools for decision support and problem solving.
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