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Executive MBA program in Minsk is a joint project of Kozminsky University and IPM Business School. In 2008 the program got an Association of MBA (AMBA) accreditation. IPM Business school is the only European type business education establishment in Belarus. It became possible due to the partnership relations and extensive international ties with the leading organizations in the field of business education. It is a member of the following international organizations: CEEMAN (Central and East European Management Development Association); International Group of Controlling; Russian Association of Business Education. IPM Business School was a pioneer in introduction the MBA program in Belarus following the mission to enable people of different professions to gain managerial knowledge in order to work effectively in managerial positions or to manage their own companies effectively IPM Business school guarantees that Executive MBA program is carried out according to requirements set by AMBA accreditation and other stated for MBA standards. The program is developed and approved by the Academic Council of the program. Executive MBA is a unique chance to involve highly skilled experts (colleagues at study, the scientific advisers, and teachers) in the decisions of the problems which the company faces. As a result, my diploma became a plan of action by which I was guided every day during 3 next years. And I achieved all the purposes I had at that moment. Vladimir Vasilevsky chairman of the board of directors “UNITER Investment Company” JSC


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